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Get social so you can ignite your creativity.

Meet, work, or play in real time with people from Music City or around the world, at The Spark Nashville.

It's a fact -- when you immerse yourself in novel environments and surround yourself with new people, you become more creative. At The Spark Nashville, you'll get both experiences AND get access to rooms filled with the best experiences Nashville has to offer.

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What is The Spark Nashville?

The Spark Nashville is a social media platform that is actually social.

It's a place where you can have real-time, person-to-person conversations.

It's a place where there is much more than posts, videos, likes and follows.

It's a place where you can meet, work and play with people from Nashville or around the world.

There are no feeds, no algorithms and no notifications to distract you from what's most important: the people you are with.

What do you want to do at The Spark Nashville?


Attend member-only events


Collaborate with other members


Explore all that Nashville has to offer


Access on-demand training from experts


Enjoy games with members & guests


Attend member-only concerts


Co-work in public spaces


Plan your trip to Nashville

Brands We’ve Worked With


"I can still be at home and have dinner with my family and still be able to share ideas and network with people across the country and across the world."

Catherine Cantey

Leadership Master Coach

What else can you do at The Spark Nashville?

Visit The Spark World Tour

Go exploring in some of the major cities of the world!  See the sights and check out the culture of what is there….maybe even start dreaming up your next vacation!

Drive 1 of Our 5 Boats

Ready. Set. Go!  Race your friends or have a quiet meeting in the middle of the ocean.  The choice is yours.  Either way, the waves in the background will transport you to the smells of coconut and memories of great trips with special people.

Play Soccer

Up for some action?  Grab some friends and play an easy game of soccer!  Great for processing information and a nice change of pace from the rest of the hectic days we live in.

See What's Playing on Our Stages

If soccer isn’t your style, check out the entertainment on one of our stages!  You can dance to the tunes or cheer and jeer for a favorite comedian!

Relax at the Beach

Chill at the beach and enjoy some quiet time.  Come on over as it is always sunny and 72F or see the sky filled with colorful fireworks at night.  Either way, it is a quiet, peaceful place to be.

Pick Up Some New Skills

Looking to keep your brain moving?  Listen in on a video webinar at one of the conference halls.  A variety of presenters are speaking at any given time and are rotated on a regular basis.

Explore The Clubhouse

Nashville wouldn’t be Nashville without the many beautiful murals, so come on in and see the featured work of the artists located in Nashville.

Climb Lighthouse for an Island View

Looking for a better view or maybe just a new perspective?  Try climbing to the top of the lighthouse located on the beach!  It is a great ocean view and you can see the entire island of The Spark Nashville!

Play Games With Your Friends

It’s hang time, but what do we do?  Head to the fun & games room on campus to find some childhood favorites!  Use the house rules or create your own!  Let us know if you have any other rules that make these games even more fun!